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I was just sitting here in my room and having a nice long think about board culture and how we all talk to each other on here. When you take a closer look at it all it really becomes amazing how many thing you can find out and what different evolutions the board as a whole has gone through. Board Culture and memes have always been a big hobby of mine and that's why I like to keep my eye out and see what the board has to offer and to be sure to make mental notes of the best ones. Not only the best ones, also the popular ones, because they are part of board culture too after all. When you put all the different stages of board culture in a row and maybe even look closer at a couple of them you can find some really interesting things and you might even be surprised by what you might find. Basically all memes and phrases matter in what makes a board and a culture and studying it should be taken seriously and with great dedication. Not only that, it's also great fun as well.

Moreover, I would recommend anyone that doesn't do the same as I do, to give it a try. There's very simple steps you can take to take a closer look at board culture and memes in general. You might want to try them too and give it your all in looking and studying board culture. You might even find a new direction in life and discover great new things. I can certainly say that it has definitely changed my life for the better and that I look for forward to thinking and reading about board culture every day, even when I'm already doing it. I like doing it and you might find you do also. Just try it out and do it with me!

Of course, it would come naturally to anyone who already has taken up the same kind of study as I do, but there is great worth in the thinking and studying of board culture. Not just the thought that something like that could be, but the absolute belief and the knowledge that it actually is. Board Culture and memes are a starting point for thinking about a great deal of topics, all of which ask for great dedication and study. Don't be surprised when it turns out to be an ending point as well, though. There's a great deal to think about and it can't all be done in one day. Go to your limits, but don't strain yourself. Sometimes it's better to get a good night's rest to start the study of board culture and memes in the morning again. Sometimes it works to have a sleepy head when thinking about such topics, this can help to gather a new perspective and can literally flip a meme on its head. But most of the times it's most fruitful to have a fresh mind and eager soul. Today I thought a great deal about board culture and memes and some interesting conclusions were reached. Now at the end of day, I can feel my mind slowing down after the initial excitement, but my satisfaction grows.

I'm 100% sure that most of my friends don't think about the same things I do. I'm kind of an einzelganger in that regard, but I never feel lonely. It's not only the study that keeps me occupied, but also the board itself. To best study board culture and memes you have to partake in it and live and breathe it. On numerous occasions my friends have uttered disbelief at how much time I spend thinking about this stuff, but I always respond the same way. "Heh, I guess I've got a weird brain, I guess." This usually gets them off my back and leaves me to think how such a thing would go down here on 4chan. The culture here is very different than in real life and this leaves me puzzled, impressed and intimidated at the same time. I don't expect my friends to understand, I don't even expect me to understand, but it is an important part of my life and it deserves a great deal of respect.