mol, oh [s4s]-tan ~~

[s4stan] H-hi /s4s/, i'm from /r9k/ and i wanted to make a thread here

I'm a betafag neet who has had no gf, pretty much like every other person on /r9k/. there was a sticky on /r9k/ a few days ago, it was a picture of that walruse meme you made, anyway i went in the thread to post a bunch of angry pepe images like i usually do, but then someone posted a picture of this girl to cheer us robots up.

Guys, i think i'm in love with /s4s/-tan. she's like the girlfriend i've always wanted, she looks so happy and sweet. there's nothing more i want to do than to cuddle her and let her tell me how much i really matter to her. i feel like i want to play with her all day, go on dinner dates and sleep together, anything to make her happy.

Anyway i started collecting images of /s4s/-tan and yes, i've seen the lewd ones, especially those ones in the sticky that pandered to footfags (i'm a footfag myself). i still can't get over the fact that she's not real though.

Can you help a robot out guys? i would love it if someone drew /s4s/-tan and a robot doing different things together, like having a tea party or pushing her on a swing.

Also i guess this is an /s4s/-tan thread because i want more pics

>tfw no qt3.14 [s4s]-tan gf ;_;