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Who is [s4s]-tan, you may ask? If you bothered to scroll down a bit on the front page, you would see that she is the embodiment of dank memes. If you're a professional dank memer, you would obviously know the number one meme machine on the Internet: [s4s] - Shit 4chan Says. Memes come out of this place 24/7 because it's a goddamn meme factory. Anyway, if you read Know Your Ebin Maymays you'd know that:

>"In Japanese, -tan (たん) is a childlike mispronunciation of -chan, an informal honorific suffix used to title friends and family. This is sometimes used to create a cute or charming effect with its association with young children.
>Recently, -tan suffix is used to title personified mascot characters, usually female. When speaking to the character, sometimes normal suffixes (-san, -chan, or -kun) are used to the speaker’s preference."

Who am I quoting? KYM. Anyway, boards on 4chan are anthropomorphized, like /v/-tan and /mlp/-tan, but they're irrelevant and full of spaghetti. [s4s]-tan, now SHE is relevant. Also known by the name Kek[s4s]andra/Keksandra/Casandra, she is a personification of all the dank memes on [s4s], 4chan and the Internet. A cute girl who flip flops between the ages of 11 (check em) and 22 (also check em), she acknowledges the existence of all dubs that occur on 4chan, judges the quality of all memes ever made (since she literally is [s4s], and [s4s] are the meme experts), and gets along well with everyone.

If you want more pictures of this moe ass nigga, please access shimmie.4chanhouse.org, a website which archives images of board-tans. I should warn you that there are very lewd drawfigs who actually draw lewds of her, so you might want to tread carefully if you search for her, since there's no tag to separate lewds from non-lewds. :^P